What is a KooK? It's the incredible combination of volume, substance(s), and love for all things heavy. We've all been in so many bands covering so many styles of heavy music, that it's hard to boil down what we do into a few words. KooK is made up of former members of: High on Fire Sin City/Motorfly, Gang of Grim, Bliss of Triple Six, Kill Sister Kill, Imperial Spacepod, Kinabra, Demon Crawdad, Morticias Blues, Vibra Thang, and The Stumps. The music is rich, complicated, hypnotic, dark, spooky, sleazy, powerful, groovy, campy, blah, blah, blah....HEAVY.


KooK is:
Karl Larson: Guitar
Troy Aschenbrenner: Vocals
Mike Donofrio: Drums
Jeff Wilson: Bass